Heart of Michigan

Mission: To transform the way communities are designed, built and operated, enabling an environmentally and socially responsible, healthy, and prosperous built environment that improves the quality of life throughout Mid-Michigan.

The USGBC Heart of Michigan Branch believes that the sustainable development and green building represent a new economic, environmental and social future for the Greater Mid-Michigan Region. In 2006, a group of Lansing-area developers, related professionals and organizations recognized a growing need for an association of green building practitioners and advocates. The successes of the USGBC West Michigan and Detroit Regional Chapters encouraged the group, which also turned to the chapters for advice about starting a new branch.

USGBC national office and Michigan chapters, along with Michigan State University, Sustainable Solutions, Granger Group, Christman Company, NTH, Bazzani and Associates, among many others, provided important support and direction as this idea coalesced into a reality. Then, in September 2007, the Heart of Michigan Branch (not yet known as such) held its first founding members meeting, at which the fundamentals of USGBC and LEED were presented. Local professionals, businesses, colleges, and city officials immediately embraced the idea of establishing a branch.

Our Branch Region radiates 80 miles around Lansing and includes a diverse rural and urban membership. Today, we now have more than 165 supporters drawn from a growing pool of professionals interested in and practicing sustainability principles in their work.


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